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Leadership Philosophy

What's In It For YOU? (WIIFY)

❶Discipline is having the ability to maintain self-control in any situation.

Your Host: Mike Figliuolo

I believe in making sure I recognize individuals both publicly and privately in order to increase initiative and motivation, and to redirect efforts when a subordinate is off task.

If a subordinate has proven that they are unable to succeed, I will pull that person aside and talk through observed problems to assist that individual to develop a plan, which will overcome these identified difficulties. This is centered around respect for all and not wanting to embarrass the individual by critiquing them in front of others. In either case, it shows the subordinates that I, as the leader, and the organization, care about them.

They, in turn, will work harder knowing that their leadership believes in them. Lastly, I believe in transparency. I am open to criticism and am prepared to implement identified improvements. Using regular meetings open to the collective, identifying successful and unsuccessful initiatives or systems provides me with feedback which can then be used to make needed changes in the section or organization. This provides a voice to subordinates, gives them buy in, and makes the overall organization more flexible and probably more competitive and cooperative as everyone will feel they have participated in the outcome.

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Results are typically pretty easy to measure. The problem is we want to take a similar checklist approach to how we deal with people.

You need to understand all these aspects and then some and somehow get them to do difficult things because they want to do them. When you adhere to these principles you become more predictable, reliable, and likely to be the leader you want to be. To do this, we encourage folks to commit a set of leadership maxims to paper. A maxim is nothing more than a principle or rule of conduct. For a maxim to be effective, it has to be simple.

The leadership maxims approach asks you to explore the four aspects of leadership listed above and create maxims relevant to each of those categories self, thinking, people, balanced life. Realize your maxims will change over time and as you grow. When I first started out as a young second lieutenant I had two maxims I would share with any new soldier in my unit: That summed up my leadership philosophy at that time. They change as I change and as I aspire to be more than I am today. So why am I encouraging you to go through all this work of articulating your leadership maxims?

First, it helps you set aspirational goals to be a better leader and to continue your personal and professional growth. Third, your maxims will help you make better decisions more rapidly because you have an established set of principles for how you want to behave. What it really boils down to is knowing who you are as a leader, who you want to be, and being rigorous in how you chart that path forward.

Your definitions sound like the job description for a university dept. And it is clear you have never had any experience wearing a uniform — or faced real issues in the face. I invite you to educate yourself on my background before making asinine and unfounded assertions about my experience http: That said, your comments say more about your character and worldview than I think you realize.

Why read this blog? He's also the author of One Piece of Paper: We offer training in leadership, communications, strategy and operations. You must always do what is right no matter what the circumstances are.

As service members we often find ourselves in situations that could potentially jeopardize our military careers. Identify true individual success during IET is a goal that all Soldiers should strive to achieve.

Everyone views success differently. Always remember to never compare your success to someone else's. I want everyone not only to be successful while assigned to this unit, but in life in general. You we all face multiple challenges during IET.

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Some believe that Servant Leadership is a philosophy that certain leaders believe in by developing characteristics in order to follow this philosophy while others believe is a set of leadership practices in which one must gain skills by practicing certain set of rules.

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LDSP Essay Two Leadership Philosophy  April Defore LDSP Leadership Essay: Developing of Leadership Philosophy March 9, Leadership philosophy lays the foundation for how we as leaders perceive ourselves. Philosophy provides each individual leader choices. The philosophy chosen shapes our actions, our behaviors, and our thought process.

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MY LEADERSHIP PHILOSOPHY In developing this idea of what leadership is, I examined what was most important to me in and as a leader. Defining your leadership philosophy on one piece of paper is a critical leadership skill. Mike Figliuolo covers this approach from his book One Piece of Paper.

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Phase 1 of the Personal Leadership Philosophy Paper presented the opinion and supporting information establishing that; leaders are products of opportunity, birth and environment, but of these; opportunity influences great leadership the most. Leadership Philosophy essaysWhat is a leader? How does one achieve true leadership status? These questions and many more pertaining to the nature of leadership have perplexed scholars and philosophers for centuries and will continue to be debated for generations to come.