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Sula Critical Essays

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❶Include a statement of your belief about the message that Toni Morrison wanted to convey about the nature and importance of community, particularly among African Americans in Sula. Although, in her case she did not care much for anyone in the town except for Nel, who she felt lonely without.

by Toni Morrison

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This situation demonstrates the power of motherhood, and how it creates a path for her children to follow. Eva, Hannah, and Sula all shared many of the same qualities. They all had the same outlook on many issues, attitudes with one another, and for the most part even the same outlook on guys. None of them had ever settled down with just one man, to start a family.

Throughout the novel, Morrison tries to teach people to be less judgmental of others. As time goes on many of the characters in Sula become more and more judgmental of each other, especially of Sula. They even take something so simple as her birthmark on her face that she can do nothing about, and make assumptions of her due to it.

How characters in the novel perceive the shape of her birthmark says more about them than about her though. The townspeople would also keep blaming Sula for things she had no control over, such as the little boy that fell down the steps and the old man who swallowed a chicken bone.

Only these are nothing but careless accidents. However, because of the towns set hatred of Sula, they all rally together against her. Birds fall from the sky when Sula returns to Medallion after college, and everyone considers this to be another one of her evils. Sula might not have been so bad though. There is a strong theme between good and bad in this novel. Many would just assume that Sula was bad and Nel was good.

Only it was Sula that threw Chicken Little in the River, but it is Nel who does not cry at the funeral. Morrison is trying to show us that it is wrong to make judgments on someone based on a bunch of rumors that could be untrue. Doing this just makes people feel lonely, as Sula was. She had no one. Although, in her case she did not care much for anyone in the town except for Nel, who she felt lonely without.

The gift of friendship is something that should always be held onto. This is one lesson that was unfortunately is not realized by both Sula and Nel until it was too late. Sula and Nel had the gift of being best friends. During their younger years they were inseparable.

When coming back to each other after being apart, it felt as if they had never been apart. Both Sula and Nel were two halves of a whole, completing each other. Regardless of the aforementioned incident, Morrison was trying to teach that if you have this kind of love between friends, you should never let go of it.

Appeared darker than Nel remembered 2. Gave a suggestion of startled pleasure when she looked at Nel B. Were puzzled by person who made their mother make strange laughing sounds 2. Were fearful of this one who made dark sleepy chuckling sounds 3. Saw scary black thing over eye 4. Saw Sula as threat to them in some way that they did not understand 5. Saw black mark "leap" C. Noted also by Jude when he studied Sula 1.

Saw Sula quiet a. Looked like woman roaming b. Seemed not exactly plain, but not exactly fine c. Saw mark as copperhead 2. Saw Sula differently after she talked and made noise rattled danger signal a.

Believed she had an odd way of looking at things c. Saw a wide smile take sting from rattlesnake mark over eye. Described by people of the Bottom in A. Said mark had affected her from beginning C. Used Sula as scapegoat and blamed her for all woes.

Described by Nel in year when Sula lay dying A. Saw a black rose once kissed by Jude B. Saw knife-thin arms and dark rose in bed C. Saw symbol of approaching death.

Described by Shadrack A. Remembered she had a mark over her eye C. Knew she was a friend because had the mark of the "fish" he loved D.

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- Sula and Nel as Soulmates in Toni Morrison's Sula In examining the two distinct characters of Nel (Wright) Greene and Sula Peace from Toni Morrison's Sula, a .

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Sula Peace is a significant part of this community’s history. As her name suggests, she seeks inner peace, a personal wholeness that the restrictions of life deny her. These restrictions are largely a result of limited traditional roles designated for women and racial prejudice aimed at African Americans.

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Sula’s best friend and the other protagonist of Sula was Nel Wright. Nel was the exact opposite of Sula. Nel had a light skin color, almost like the color of sand; in . Toni Morrison's Sula - The Fire Within Sula Essay. The Fire Within Sula Sula by Toni Morrison is a compelling novel about a unique, self-confident woman. As in many other books, each secondary character in the story serves as a vehicle to explain the main character.