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Does an essay have to be 5 paragraphs?

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❶How do you write a introductory paragraph on a essay? Indeed, there are scientists who have "blown their ethos" within their own community by refuting widely accepted theories on the causes of global warming.

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No country in the world recognized the Confederacy. Hostilities began on April 12, , when Confederate forces attacked a U. Lincoln responded by calling for a volunteer army from each state to recapture federal property. This led to declarations of secession by four more slave states. Both sides raised armies as the Union seized control of the border states early in the war and established a naval blockade that virtually ended cotton sales on which the South depended for its wealth, and blocked most imports.

Land warfare in the East was inconclusive in , as the Confederacy beat back Union efforts to capture its capital, Richmond, Virginia. In September , Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation made ending slavery in the South a war goal, [1] and dissuaded the British from intervening.

Lee won battles in Virginia, but in his northward advance was turned back with heavy casualties after the Battle of Gettysburg. To the west, the Union gained control of the Mississippi River after their capture of Vicksburg, Mississippi , thereby splitting the Confederacy in two. The Union was able to capitalize on its long-term advantages in men and materiel by when Ulysses S. Grant fought battles of attrition against Lee , while Union general William Tecumseh Sherman captured Atlanta and marched to the sea.

The American Civil War was one of the earliest true industrial wars. Railroads, the telegraph, steamships, and mass-produced weapons were employed extensively. The practices of total war , developed by Sherman in Georgia, and of trench warfare around Petersburg foreshadowed World War I in Europe.

It remains the deadliest war in American history , resulting in the deaths of , soldiers and an undetermined number of civilian casualties. Ten percent of all Northern males years of age died, as did 30 percent of all Southern white males aged The social, political, economic and racial issues of the war decisively shaped the reconstruction era that lasted to How do you write a five-paragraph essay on D-Day?

Click on the Related Questions for even more information. Write sentences the way you speak - just pretend you are telling this to a friend, and write down what you would say. What would you tell them about this topic? Look up some facts about D-Day! How will you explain these facts to your friend? What things does your friend need to know about D-Day? Is in conclusion needed at the end of the body paragraphs in a five paragraph informational essay? The phrase "In conclusion" is very overworked.

Teachers andprofessors see it thousands of times. You should strive to wordyour closing in an unusual or thought out manner. For example,"With an abundance of opinions that state global warming is fact,few scientific studies have been done to prove this. How do you write an introduction paragraph on a blue whale for an essay? How do you write an five paragraph essay on teen youth?

In order to write a five paragraph essay on teen youth, you mightfirst want to pick a more specific topic that deals with teenyouth. From there, you would write an intro, think of three strongpoints to use for body paragraphs, and then write a conclusion. How does knowing how to compose a cohesive paragraph influence your ability to write a cohesive essay? Knowing how to compose a cohesive paragraph is key to being able towrite a cohesive essay. The word cohesive implies that the writeris able to pull together the thoughts and ideas in such a way thatit makes sense.

Writing a cohesive essay would require the writerto pull together all of the paragraphs to have an end result whichis concise and combines all of the information to make a point. What are the tools for writing descriptive paragraphs and essays? How do you write a five paragraph essay on Sacajawea quick? Look up some facts about Sacagawea!

How would you explain these facts to your friend? How would you describe her? What important things did Sacagawea do? When writing a paragraph essay do you have to write paragraph 2 in front of your paragraphs? Do all people wear or like the same type of fashion? The fahion aremany types like fashion of woman and fashion of men. Women wearskirt,trousirs,T-shirt and accerios.

Fashionis ver wonderfulespciallyfor girly girls. Mostboys care abot fashion and the otherdon't care about fashion. Most girlygirls care about fashion morethan boys. Do you know that the fashion for babies also. This meanthat fashionare many types. Most of mothers care about fashion ofbabies. The school at so when they made an uniform they care aboutfashion and the colour of ID depended on fashion. All people havethe same type of fashion. How do you write a three paragraph essay about markers?

What should your friend know about markers? What kinds of markers are you talking about? How would you describe markers? Im writing an 8 paragraph essay on the importance of silence. Say it helps people concentrate. Also you can say it can help you clear your mind. It also helps in yoga. How do you write a 5 paragraph essay on the article body ritual among the nacirema? Look up some facts about body rituals among the Nacirema! How would you explain these rituals to your friend?

What does ritual mean to you? Imagine that you are given the following essay question to respond to For this assignment you will write only the introductory paragraph or the beginning of the essay? You are being asked to write a topic or thesis sentence.

This isthe main idea of your paragraph. All sentences should relate tothat one idea. Can you give me an example of a five paragraph essay? This is the statement you are going to prove.

Include the author and title of the literary work you are analyzing. This is your first major support for your thesis. It will become the topic sentence for the second paragraph. Write a sentence that proves your thesis. You may want to reference the beginning of the story. Remember that this sentence will be explained in detail in the second paragraph.

Begin the sentence with a transition word or phrase see list. You will eventually illustrate this sentence with a quote from the book. It will become the topic sentence for the third paragraph. You may want to reference the middle of the story. Remember that this sentence will be explained in detail in the third paragraph. It will become the topic sentence for the fourth paragraph. You may want to reference the end of the story. Remember that this sentence will be explained in detail in the fourth paragraph.

Begin the first sentence with a transition word or phrase. First "body" paragraph Topic sentence: Write a topic sentence similar to the first statement of organization. Begin the sentence with a transition word or phrase. Remember to use present tense throughout! Then, find a quotation from the page s that supports your idea. Next, write a lead-in sentence s that introduces, or "sets up" the quote, and identifies the speaker- do not simply write, "Mr. Then, write your quote , and include the page number in parentheses.

Next, write an analysis of the quote, which explains or discusses how the quote supports your main thesis. Avoid simply restating the quote in the set-up or the analysis afterward. Use present tense, except in quoting. Lead-in sentence s which explains the context of the quote, and who the speaker is. Second "body" paragraph Topic sentence: Write a topic sentence similar to the second statement of organization.

Avoid simply restating the quote in the set-up or the analysis afterwards. Use present tense except in quotes. Third "body" paragraph Topic sentence: Write a topic sentence similar to the third statement of organization. No new information should ever appear in the conclusion paragraph! Remember to continue using the present tense. Restate the first statement of organization using different words.

Restate the second statement of organization using different words. Restate the third statement of organization using different words. End the essay with a conclusion that reflects upon the main thesis statement. Remember, no new information or ideas should ever appear in the conclusion of an essay. This quote or short anecdote should appear at the beginning of your essay at the top of the page , centered below your name and date.

Remember to name the source of your ICD- even if it is anonymous. Write a 5 paragraph essay describing the impact of the Reformation on the European World? WikiAnswers is not a free service for writing critiques, essays, discussion papers, reports and summaries, or homework. This is considered cheating. We WILL help you learn how to write a good paragraph. Look up some facts about the Reformation -- how would you explain these facts to your friend?

Make one paragraph for each fact you learn! Click the link -- it will show you how to write a great essay! What are the parts to a five paragraph essay? The basic structure contains an introduction, three paragraphs forming the main body of the essay and a conclusion summarizing the main thesis of the essay. The conclusion I have added a link to full article in related links below Can you write me a persuasive essay with 5 paragraphs and 5 sentences?

What are the five steps in the process of writing a essay? Asking a question; refining a question; finding, evaluating, and interpreting source material; compiling and organizing information; and synthesizing information and drawing conclusions..

What is the proper format of a five paragraph essay? Introductory Paragraph Make sure to have a good introduction sentence for everyparagraph , usually introducing the main character or thecharacter you will be talking about during your essay. Always remember to put the weakest paragraph before the strongerones Second Paragraph: Weakest body paragraph Make sure the intro sentence relates to the first item you havelisted in your thesis in our case strength.

Make keypoints and make in text citations with reference to thenovel you are studying. Make at least three goodpoints of reference in each paragraph and make it relate to your thesis. Make sure to stick with the thesis. At theend of this paragraph make sure to have a transitionsentence something to link the current paragraph with thenext paragraph. This should be the same as my example for the Second Paragraph.

Atransition sentence is not needed from the fourth paragraph to theconclusion but can be used to strengthen the essay. Final paragraph The first sentence in this paragraph should be you thesis but re-worded. Make sure to re explain why your character matches your thesis. Work Cited Page Most people forget about this page and it can causebig problems. Make sure to sight all the books, websites you use.

And if you want to look over an essay for moreexamples you can find one on my blog: What could one write for a 6 paragraph essay on Twilight? Don't count this as gibberish it's actually right. The first paragraph is about how the characters meet. OK the second one is a little shaky but the third one clearly states that you need to right about the enemy encounter. The Forth paragraph is about who saves her and how. The fifth one is about how they made the movie and finally you end with a conclusion paragraph about the author and the actors of the movie.

How do i write a 5 paragraph essay if the question only has 2 questions? The first paragraph should have a good introduction.

The last sentence should contain your thesis, which answers the question. The next three paragraphs should support your thesis with three different pieces of evidence. The last paragraph should summarize all of your thoughts and opinions about the question and prove your thesis. How do you write a body paragraph essay? How do you start writing a five paragraph essay on why you favor sports? First, come up with three main reasons why you favor sports.

Each reason will represent one of the three body paragraphs you will write. Your next step is to come up with valuable supporting quotes, phrases, etc. After that, write your introduction paragraph and keep in mind an ending paragraph as you write it the ending paragraph always correlates back to the introduction paragraph.

All that you need to do after that is write the essay. How do you write a coclusion paragraph in an essay? You can write it based on your statement in your introduction. This may or may not help you but it is the answer of my English teacher.

Do essays have paragraphs? Yes, essays do have paragraphs. I would say at least paragraphs and up depending on how much was assigned or how much you feel you need to write. I am currently writing an essay about the Labor Day hurricane that hit the Florida Keys, and our teacher assigned us a page and a half, for which I am writing , 6 sentence paragraphs.

Hope this helps you in whatever you need to do! How do you write the first paragraph of a persausive essay? If you mean the first body paragh start off by demoting the opposite of what your trying to persuade. For example if your talking about democratic or republican and your persuading them to be democratic start with some things bad about republic. What would you write for a closing paragraph on an essay about the attack of Pearl Harbor? I would write the loss of the attack was devastating write something that catches the readers attention!

How do you write a good intro paragraph for a literary essay? Write a hook, optional, but it is a good thing to have because it draws the reader into your paper.

It also gives a sense of what your writing about, in other words a road map. Then introduce the writer and title of whatever you are writing about. You can do this but some teachers hate this, you could do a 1 sentence max summery of the plot. And then of course, a thesis the point, argument, statement, opinion you are giving basically what you are going to write about.

I hope this helped: Can a point of view essay longer five paragraphs? A point of view can essay up to any length with a need of repetition of a point or many points that are long and have been specified in a lot of detail. Your question is kind of pointless as no one really cares how long you can write about whether you like chocolate or pies most people would choose chocolate pies and why we should want to now about your favourite food and how it comes back out.

YES, but no one really cares. What are the steps to writing a 5 paragraph essay? Readers need context for a thesis, as well as a general idea of why he or she is reading the essay in the first place. The 5-paragraph essay usually does not provide this. Essays like this are usually too short for a reader to require an ending summary; therefore, these essays can become boring, maybe even insulting.

It soon becomes clear to your reader that you may not have enough ideas to get your point across. Getting Beyond the 5-Pargraph Model: What Should Paragraphs Do?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no rule that says any kind of essay should be any number of paragraphs! Paragraphs Perform 2 Functions. To help the reader understand the text by organizing words and thoughts into understandable and related chunks of information. The College Essay Model: College essays have 3 basic parts: Introduction, the Multi-Paragraph Body, and Conclusion.

This is like a signpost at the beginning of your essay.

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The College Essay Model: The Freedom to Write More (or Less) Than 5 Paragraphs. College essays have 3 basic parts: Introduction, the Multi-Paragraph Body, and Conclusion. They function in the following ways: Introduction: This is like a signpost at the beginning of your essay.

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Five paragraphs have 2-paragraph refutation; some good essays sample student success. Summary report abuse home or paragraph essay writing skill over Sample student must get started with the art essay or indicators like other my essay.

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Jan 07,  · Best Answer: Not necessarily. Often, it depends on how much you have to say about the chosen topic and on the type of essay you have to write. Essays can have three paragraphs only, or they can have as many as you Resolved. Follows mla be. Oct 1, your work should have to learn to each paragraph 2 or report ensures that will need to ask a five 5. Academic style essay - by foreign rulers to they don't have to write an introduction: a clear and citations. Example, and sometimes referred topic sentences. like, three body paragraphs five paragraph essay cause-effect essay. Write an essay: an expository essay has two paragraph .

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