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What's The Difference Between Continous and Ad Hoc Research?

Multi-level approach delivers the best possible project results

❶Therefore, before a company constitutes a consumer panel, it should clearly delineate as to what it is going to do with the data that it gets from studying the transactions of the consumers in the panel. But, to decide if an advertiser should advertise during the commercial breaks of a programme, the consumers in whose homes people-meters have been installed should represent the average consumer of the advertiser, and the chosen consumers should not have changed their normal television viewing patterns, in response to the knowledge that their television viewing habits are being tracked.

Key Aspects Of Our Ad Hoc Research

Ad Hoc Research
Types of researches:

What is Causal Research? What is Descriptive Research? What is Exploratory Research? What is Qualitative Research? What is Secondary Research? What is Primary Research? Copyright - Research Portals Ltd. Main Menu Home of Market Research. Library of Research Articles. Definition of Market Research.

History of occurrence and market development, geography Scoping and market potential The supply structure and demand analysis Definition of tendencies of the market positive and negative Segmentation, positioning of products and-or services, the player of the market: Market segmentation by various significant criteria in which number geography, a cover zone, penetration, consumption parametres, level of the expenses, the competitive environment and so forth The analysis of activity and position in the market of competitors Detecting the most attractive segments of the market Development of recommendations and marketing strategy of market entry, position strengthening in the market, market capture Forecasting of key parametres of market environment Definition of free or partially occupied market niches, definition of the price of occupation of a market niche or replacement of the competitor from it.

Ratings of key players in the branch market by various criteria: The analysis of the competitive environment: Consumer profile, dynamics of change of a profile of the consumer historical research and forecasting Dynamics of an overflowing and history of distribution of consumers among players of the market Researches of image of the player of the market among consumers: Motivation of consumer behaviour concerning players of the market Image of players of the market among consumers, methods of correction of image.

Definition of perception of a brand among consumers, competitors, partners Measurement of consumers loyalty Brand in the competitive environment Brand-book testing. Definition of target group of the advertising activity, adequate and successful channels and methods of advertising influence; development of a communication policy of the company Definition of efficiency of the spent advertising campaign by a number of parametres.

The analysis of consumption characteristics: The experience, rate and regularity of consumption of a product and-or service Consumption volume, dynamics of volume of consumption, the factors influencing volume of consumer consumption Level of expenses for product and-or service consumption, dynamics of expenses Revealing of unsatisfied requirements of consumers and the market as a whole.


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Most qualitative market research is ad hoc. About the AQR Glossary: This glossary is compiled and maintained by the Association for Qualitative Research, the foremost authority on qualitative practice, training and innovation, and the global hub of qualitative thinking.

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Ad Hoc Market Research Ad Hoc Analysis Workshop Updated June 20, Sound market research is the foundation of effective decision-making, managerial and marketing processes.

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Ad Hoc Research also offers a full range of quantitative research services (web, CATI, face-to-face with tablets, etc.). Our fully bilingual (English/French) professional team can assist you with either a single aspect of your qualitative or quantitative project or manage it from A to Z. AD HOC RESEARCH. Founded in , Ad Hoc Research offers high-quality marketing research as well as intelligence advisory services that provide a deep understanding of consumers and markets, in order to inform its clients’ business decisions and contribute to their success.

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Ad Hoc Market Research Surveys. Ad Hoc Market Research Surveys are used to address specific marketing issues or areas of enquiries by collecting data at one point in time from one sample. In other words, Ad Hoc Market Research Surveys are a one-off, deployed on an as-and-when basis to address a particular research need. Ad Hoc Market Research. Ad hoc market research refers to studies which are carried out on a 'one-off' basis - as opposed to being a larger tracking project or a programme of on-going research. Ad hoc research is often used to answer a specific question or set of questions which are important at the time, but for which there is little need to track responses going forward.