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The main focus of the website is to provide solutions to a wide variety of textbook problems. The first feature that was provided on the website was a questions and answers board which allowed students to ask and answer different homework and textbook problems. The website then started to provide step by step solutions to select problems from popular textbooks free of charge. Cramster will also provide all of its answers but the students must sign up for a Cramster account and pay the monthly fee.

However, there is a Cramster coupon that can reduce the monthly subscription fee. The detailed textbook solutions given by the website provides students with an excellent resource that can greatly improve their understanding of different subjects. He was also very possessive of his daughter-wives, threatening to gouge out the eyes of any man who looked at them and castrate those who touched them.

He did not seem to feel any genuine affection for his wives though. They were simply an extension of his property and he regularly abused them. However, he was implied to be insecure of his bastard status, reacting with fury and violence when Rast calls him one and hypocritically mocking Jon Snow for his surname. Craster was one of the few wildlings who didn't fear or feel threatened by the White Walkers' presence, assuming they were going to win anyway and planned to worship them as Gods after their success, providing them with numerous sacrifces as a peace offering.

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Craster is a powerfully built, imposing man whose strength is starting to give way to the ravages of age. He has grey hair, a drooping mouth, a flat nose, and has lost one ear to the cold.

After the ranger slept with the woman and got her pregnant, he abandoned her and returned to the Wall. She came to Castle Black and attempted to give Craster to the Watch when he was a child, but was driven off by the rangers instead. The ranger Dywen describes Craster as "kinslayer, liar, raper and craven" which is quite an accurate description. He is regarded as an ally - if a somewhat uncertain one - by the Watch.

Unlike most wildlings, he lets them shelter in his home and gives them information. His help has saved many rangers' lives. Despite his reputation, Craster considers himself a godly and generous man. Although Craster is a wildling, the other wildlings mistrust and despise him for marrying his own daughters, which is considered a taboo even among the wildlings.

Ygritte disdainfully told Jon that "Craster's more your kind than ours. Craster's blood is black, and he bears a heavy curse". Mormont is fully aware of Craster's vile deeds. He loathes Craster and would not mourn him if any of his wives kills him - but regards him as a necessary evil, because there were times Craster's Keep made the difference between life and death for the rangers of the Watch.

Craster has a total of nineteen "wives", ranging from Ferny, an old woman, to younger ones like Gilly. The names of two other wives, Nella and Dyah, are mentioned in the books. Most if not all of his current wives are also his daughters.

In the TV series, Craster boasts that he has had 99 sons by his many daughter-wives, which is probably an empty bragging; he has sacrificed all of them to the White Walkers. Gilly's son is his th son. The books never gave an exact number for how many sons he had.

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When the white cold comes, your swords and cloaks and pretty fires won't help you. Only ones left will be those alright with the gods, the real gods. I had my 99th. You ever meet a man with 99 sons? And more daughters than I count. They're as strong as they're gonna get. Them that's dying, just cut their throats and be done with it. Or leave them if you've not the stomach, and I'll sort them meself. Out with you , you little thief!

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Cramster - Cramster is an important website for both high school and college students. The main focus of the site is to provide solutions to textbook problems.

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Cramster offers online homework and textbook help for college and high school students in areas such as math, science and business. Cramster (now Chegg Study) provides online homework and textbook help for college and high school students in areas such as math, science, engineering, humanities, business, and writing help. Cramster uses a freemium model, allowing students to pay for or earn access to premium services. Founded in by Aaron Hawkey, Robert Type of site: Internet Study Community.

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