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Co Terminus Sample Clauses


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Glossary of Equipment Leasing Terminology
Easylease Corp. is a Canadian-based equipment leasing and finance company.

Centrally Sponsored Schemes - sunset date for all schemes. Stop using the Zionist stick; Letters. Looking at how Venetian men and women living outside the circles of power experienced and represented the Renaissance, Ross examines a world of aspiration inhabited by people who valued learning and literature but whose families lacked formal political authority, and whose intellectual lives were not coterminous with their gainful employment. The Quest for Cultural Legitimacy in Venice. Coterminous certificates, where both shotgun and firearm certificates are dealt with at the same time would be PS90 and then PS65 on renewal.

New proposals to increase shotgun certificate fee are 'fair'. The border, coterminous with a spur of the Cleveland Way for about half a mile from the East, exactly bisects Roseberry''s summit. A party who makes use of property owned by another party the lessor and pays the lessor, usually in the form of rentals. Company, Bank or leasing entity that is the owner of the leased equipment for accounting, tax, or commercial law purposes.

In this type of tax lease, the lessor provides and equity portion of the equipment cost and lenders provide the balance on a non-recourse debt basis. The lessor receives the tax benefits of ownership. A contract where the lessee leases assets and is able to acquire other assets under the same basic terms and conditions without negotiating a new contract.

A municipal Lease is a contract entered into by a state or local government such as a county, city, town or municipal authority. A lease where payments paid to the lessor do not include insurance, taxes and maintenance, which are paid separately by the lessee. Unlike the traditional methods of financing, operating lease obligations are not capitalized, thus improving balance sheet ratios. A lease which includes a provision for extending payments under the lease on predetermined terms after a set period of time.

For accounting purposes, an operating lease is any lease which is not a capital lease. These are generally used for short term leases of equipment. The current equivalent value of payments or a stream of payments to be received at various times in the future.

A provision, assuming the lessee is not in default under the terms of the lease, by which a lessee has the right to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease. The purchase option may be stated at a specific dollar amount or at fair market value. In lease agreements, a lessor negotiates an option to sell leased equipment to the lessee or a third party at an established price at the end of the lease term.

An agreement with a vendor whereby the vendor will purchase or repurchase the lessor's interest in a lease, usually upon demand, after default of the lessee.

Lessee's option to renew a lease contract at the end of the lease term. An arrangement where equipment is purchased by a lessor from the company that owns the equipment. The lessor becomes the owner of the equipment and leases it back to the original owner, who continues to use the equipment.

A tax-oriented lease whereby the lessor achieves its desired rate of return via a combination of the rental payments, depreciation, and the fair market value of the equipment at the end of the original lease term. A schedule included in the lease that states the value of the equipment at various times during the lease thus establishing the liability of the lessee if the equipment is lost, suffers damage, or becomes unusable during the lease term.

A financing structured to be treated as a lease for accounting purposes, but as a loan for tax purposes. The structure is used by corporations that are seeking off-balance sheet reporting of their asset based financing, and who can efficiently use the tax benefits of owning the financed asset. A lease where the lessor recognizes the tax benefits of ownership of equipment. Alease arrangement in which the risks and rewards of ownership are retained by the owner the lessor of the leased asset and the lesseeretains its possession and use for the lease period.

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The lease term is for 10 years and is coterminous with the present facility lease, which expires in

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Closed End Lease: A true lease in which the lessor assumes the depreciation risk. The lessee bears no obligation at the end of the lease. Coterminous: Two of more leases that end at the same time. Both the original lease and a later added addendum lease terminate at the same time.

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coterminus. Definition + Create New Flashcard; Popular Terms. Two or more agreements or contracts (such as leases) so linked that both expire or terminate at the same time. bond scope of work contract performance Capital Lease vs. Operating Lease. Coterminous refers to a supplemental loan with a maturity that is the same as the senior, or original, loan. Coterminous is most often used to describe mortgage loans, such .

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Lease Term for Expansion Area Coterminous With Initial Premises. The Termination Date for the lease of the Expansion Area will be April 30, , which is the same as the Termination Date for the. (i) By obtaining an assignment or a coterminous sublease. If a national bank enters into a sublease that is not coterminous, the period during which the master lease must be divested will be suspended for the duration of the sublease, and will begin running again upon termination of the sublease.